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Recent National Soccer News

As some of you may have seen, both AYSO and US Club Soccer have announced they will be following the lead of US Youth Soccer in making changes to the guidelines in how soccer is administered in the US.  Below are links to the AYSO and US Club Soccer releases for your reference.  The two major guidelines relate to small sided games and creating teams based on a calendar year basis.  The small sided games should have very little impact on our program in Briarcliff as both AYSO and WYSL utilize that philosophy already.  Moving from an August 1-July 31 to a calendar year basis for team creation will have a greater impact.


These changes were just announced and it is still not clear how or when they will be implemented in Briarcliff.  We are waiting for further guidance from the both AYSO and WYSL but I would expect detailed implementations may not be available until later this fall or into 2016.  As soon as we have additional information we will share it with you.


AYSO Announcement


US Club Soccer Announcement