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Dear Perspective Volunteer,

Thank you for considering to volunteer and make a positive difference in your child's life!  BYSC is a volunteer organization. In our Club, we have the following volunteer categories:


Team Volunteers <2 hours total for a season
League Volunteers <1 hour per week during season

Coaches & Assistant Coaches

2-8 hours per week during season
Board 1-4 hours per week before and/or during season


We strongly encourage all parents to volunteer at both the team level and region/league level so we can deliver a high quality soccer program to your kids. Volunteering on a team is extremely easy. Volunteering as a Coach is rewarding and has the most impact. We provide free high quality training for all our volunteers. Refereeing, Coaching, and serving on the Board can also help you professionally.


BYSC Volunteer Job Descriptions

A comprehensive set of all volunteer position descriptions can be found on the National AYSO web site at:


eAYSO Volunteer Registration Process

We use the secure AYSO National online registration system called eAYSO to register all coaches, referees, and board members. You must fill out an online form, including social security number (SSN), driver's license, and references. Your SSN and driver's license are kept very secure and go directly to the National organization for background checks (they cannot be seen by any local volunteers). The printed forms totally obscure your SSN and show only 4 digits of your driver's license.


Remember, volunteers are covered by AYSO insurance only if they are registered and screened. AND volunteers are protected by the US Volunteer Protection Act only if they have been properly trained.


Register at


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact our regional CVPA.


Thank you!
Eric Zielinski
Regional Commissioner