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VIP/Special Needs Soccer

Very Important Players (VIP)

BYSC Region 202 is pleased to offer VIP Soccer with its neighboring AYSO regions. 

VIP Soccer began in 1991 for Very Important Players: Children with physical or mental challenges, or a combination of both. AYSO's philosophy of "Everyone Plays" was thus extended to be inclusive of all children who had the desire to play soccer.

Please contact Regional Commissioner for more information at

If you would like to get involved as a parent, coach, buddy or learn more about this program read "Focus on ability: Including Children with Special Needs in AYSO Soccer" by Barry Lavay, Ph.D.

VIP VISION STATEMENT: What would we like to see?
The vision of the AYSO VIP Program is to create VIP teams in every AYSO region wherever possible, and to maximize opportunities for VIP player participation where VIP teams are not available.

VIP MISSION STATEMENT: What are we all about?
The mission of the AYSO VIP Program is to provide a quality soccer experience for children whose physical or mental challenges make it difficult for them to successfully participate on regular AYSO teams.

VIP players sign up at the same registrations, play on the same fields, wear the same uniforms, and enjoy all the other benefits afforded every AYSO player. While all special needs children if possible should be placed on existing regional teams, VIP teams are created for the children whose challenges would prevent them from experiencing success in the regular program. Kids with special needs are estimated to make up approximately 10% of the school-age population. Special schools and classrooms can isolate these children so the VIP Program has been structured to integrate our special kids into the region through the assistance and encouragement of "buddies" from non-VIP teams, to help these players both on and off the field. Teams can have as few as five players, may be co-ed, and as with all AYSO teams, VIP teams are balanced with players rated by size and physical ability. Older and younger players form their own divisions, too, when numbers allow. Their needs are monitored closely by coaches, referees, parents (present at every practice and game) and the VIP Coodinator who oversees the program, thereby ensuring safety and fun for all.

Our goals for every participating player are:
- have fun playing soccer
- understand the fundamentals of the game
- learn teamwork and fair play
- increase positive self-esteem
- become more physically fit
- meet and be comfortable with new people

Ensuring the success of players and volunteers in VIP is a priority, so each VIP program operates within the existing structure of an AYSO Region to ensure that volunteers and players have the full support of the Region and its resources.