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2023/24 AYSO Information

 Spring 2024 Soccer Sign-Up:

You can sign-up at

How do I sign-up for emails?

- You can sign-up here:

What age does AYSO start?

- Pre-K 3s

My dropdown menu puts my child in an older grade can they still play with their classmates?

- We will sort the teams by rising grade (i.e. grade in Fall 2023). The system is rigid on this component and we will edit manually.

When does the season start and end?

- After labor day and into early November subject to change and weather

Will we play other towns?

- The younger kids Kindergarten - 2nd grade have historically played Pleasantville and the older kids play towns from the area (Croton, Sleepy Hollow, Pleasantville etc...)

What do I need?

- Water bottle, Soccer ball, cleats and shin guards

Who will be the coaches?

- The training is conducted by professional trainers and the games are coached by volunteer coaches

What are the core tenants of AYSO?
- Everyone Plays
- Positive Coaching
- Balanced Teams
- Open Registration
- Good Sportsmanship

Should I sign-up to coach?
- Yes, the program only works if there are volunteer coaches. You don't need any soccer experience. 

Can I put in a friend request? 
- This is logistically challenging. We received over 60 friend requests this past season which made it challenging to balance rosters. Soccer is a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends. 

What if I have a conflict for a game or practice?
- You should try to make it to games and practices but we understand conflicts come up. Try to make it but if you cannot please inform your volunteer coach

Travel Soccer FAQs

WYSL Travel Soccer Program
BYSC offers a travel soccer option through play in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL).  WYSL travel play involves teams who are selected through a tryout process.  To be eligible to play for the U-10 team, the player must be born on or after January 1, 2014. To be eligible to play for the U-11 team, the player must be born on or after January 1, 2013, etc.
These travel teams practice two days per week (including Saturday), in addition to games on Sunday.  Most of the travel is within Westchester, although there may be teams from Manhattan and Rockland in our divisions as well. Player fees vary, but are typically in the range of $900 per year. In June, BYSC will be constructing teams for both boys and girls at the U-10 and above levels for the 2023-24 season. 
AYSO Standard Primary/Core Program:
As always, we will continue to offer our AYSO programs to players of all abilities. Our AYSO core program delivers a prescriptive soccer experience based on the AYSO six philosophies of:  1) Everyone plays, 2) Balanced Teams, 3) Open Registration, 4) Positive Coaching, 5) Good Sportsmanship, and 6) Player Development. AYSO teams practice on Saturdays and play games on Sundays.  The Saturday practices are delivered by professional trainers.  Player fees are estimated to be approximately $300 per year.  
Who decides who makes the travel teams?
We employ a third-party training organization to run the try-out process on our behalf.  We primarily utilize the results from this session, but also use coach and team trainer evaluations as input as well.
How many travel teams will there be?
We anticipate that there will be 1 team for each gender in each age group from U-10 through U-14.
Are U-10 and U-11 governed by grade, or is there another age consideration?
The national governing body, US Soccer Federation, has changed its guidelines requiring teams to be formed based on calendar year birthdates. Therefore, next year’s U-10 team will be comprised of children born on or after January 1, 2014 regardless of what grade they are in. For U-11 the player needs to be born on or after January 1, 2013.
If my child qualifies as U-10, can they try out for the U-11 team?
Yes.  However, we do encourage you to discuss with your player’s coach or trainer to determine if that is the best route to choose.

Why is travel soccer so much more expensive than AYSO programs?
There are a number of factors at play including the amount of training, WSYL fees, uniform fees, etc.
Why isn’t there a U-9 travel option?
BYSC believes it is in the best interest of the community and best for player development to start travel programs at the U-10 level.  We will continue to offer AYSO programs as well as additional training options for players who do not yet qualify for U-10 play.
Are coaches pre-selected for each team?
No.  The players are determined based upon the try-outs and other criteria and then volunteer coaches/managers are assigned based on which players are on the team.
How many players will be on each travel team?
Each U-10 team will like have between 10-13 players and U-11 teams will most likely have between 12-14 players.
What happens if my player does not make the travel team?
We will be fielding teams through AYSO for these age groups, and all players who choose not to play travel soccer will have an opportunity to continue playing.
If my player is trying out for the WYSL team, should I also register them through AYSO?
AYSO registration remains open into July, so we recommend holding off on registering for AYSO until you are certain that your player will be playing AYSO U-10 or U-12 soccer in the Fall. 

We encourage you to reach out to Jordan Snider or Jay Johnson should you have additional questions or thoughts.  If they are not able to address your questions, they will be able to direct you to the appropriate people.

Briarcliff Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is a non-profit and volunteer-run organization that offers a positive, enriching, year-round soccer experience for the youth in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  BYSC is committed to developing the whole player and offers programs of play for every player ability level through its affiliations.


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